The Huntington County 4-H Fair Association and the Huntington County Fairgrounds Operating Committee have teamed together in an effort to give businesses and individuals creative opportunities to give back to this wonderful Fairgrounds facility.  In February of 2016 a benefit supper in conjunction with a rental expo and live auction were held in Heritage Hall.  Attendees were given the opportunity to sample the goods and services of numerous vendors including: full service catering, floral shops, sweet treats and DJ entertainment all while enjoying a wonderful pork chop dinner prepared by numerous volunteers.

The naming rights of individual buildings and streets within the property were auctioned off to the highest bidder through the live auction services of Ness Bros. Real Estate & Auction Company. This event was the first of its kind and a huge success for the future of the Huntington County Fairgrounds.  The proceeds from this event were dedicated to the ongoing utility expenses, maintenance, upkeep and improvements of these great facilities.  To see the list of our Building and Street sponsors, please click here.


                For those looking to support the Huntington County Fairgrounds through a different opportunity the “GIVING TREE PROJECT” was created.  This project lists various wants and needs around the Fairgrounds property.  For 2016 these items include: new round banquet tables for First Merchants Heritage Hall, Plastisol-coated picnic tables and Plastisol-coated memorial benches from Wabash Valley Manufacturing in Silver Lake, Indiana.  Another giving opportunity is the sponsorship of a young tree to be planted on the Huntington County Fairground property.  The goal of this opportunity is to replace and replenish the beautiful, but aging, trees that have graced this property for decades.  A list of those who have already sponsored is listed below.  If YOU would like to donate, please contact the Huntington County Extension Office at:  260-358-4826





  1. T-Bone 4-H Club – 2016
  2. George & Diana Detamore In Memory of:  Fred & Reva Heiney – 2016
  3. Salamonie Mills  In Memory Of:  David L. Carey – 2016
  4. The Huntington County Cattleman Association – 2016
  5. Psi Iota Xi Sorority – 2016
  6. Dale & Jean Kem – 2016
  7. In Memory of:  Joyce A. Keiffer – 2016
  8. In Memory of: Harold & Genevieve Mason
  9. Donated by George Wissinger Family Trust


  1. In Honor Of:  Fred & Ada Wiley – 2016
  2. Scott & Sandy Atkinson Family – 2016
  3. Worster Farms – 2016
  4. Future Farmers 4-H Club – 2016
  5. In memory of Harold & Genevieve Mason


  1. T-Bone 4-H Club – 2016
  2. Burris Farms LLC – 2016

Tree Sponsors

  1. Donated by Rodney & Carol Rooney
  2. In honor of Reece & Avery Boxell
  3. Donated by Trickle Family
  4. Donate by Landrum Family Farms, Inc.
  5. Donated by T-Bone 4-H Club
  6. Donated by Town & Country Flowers
  7. In Memory of Brad Miller
  8. Donated by Worster Farms
  9. In memory of Hugh Allen Shafer
  10. In memory of Hugh Allen Shafer
  11. Donated by Future Farmers 4-H Club
  12. In memory of Linda Fulton/In honor of Walter Fulton
  13. In memory of Teresa Buckland